Ek Balam, Rio Lagartos

Ek Balam
One of the small, but the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Yucatan, which has a history more 2600 years! Although, I plan my trips , the main buildings date from the period 8-10 century AD. Besides the amazing and peaceful atmosphere, prevailing in these ancient pyramids, you can see and touch the really ancient, but beautifully preserved buildings of the ancient Mayan culture. After going for a triple ramparts, you can see more 45 buildings, among them the ceremonial temples, The twin buildings, golf ball (sacred Mayan game), mini Temazcal, as well as the second highest pyramid in the Yucatan, the acropolis- burial Governor ukin Kan Lek current with a unique facade in the form of an open mouth of a jaguar.


Rio Lagartos: river in a conservation area, where while walking on a boat, you can see in the natural habitat of many birds zone, crocodiles and other reptiles, and even pink flamingos!
And if we're lucky, you can hold in your hands the sea cockroach- amazing marine animal, which has about 100 000 Years of History.