Tour Ek Balam- Cenote- Coba



In this tour you will visit two small, but very beautiful archaeological zone: Ek Balam and Coba.

Ek Balam- translated from the Mayan "black" or "Star" Jaguar- this is one of the loved by us, turistic guides, archaeological sites. Here you can see many interesting artefacts such as " entrance arch", enter into the rooms of the ex-monastery pyramide, climb the pyramid. More then that, there, in Ek Balam, was found perfectly preserved burial with an entrance to an open mouth of a jaguar. Then we will visit the cenote-a natural pound with a source from underground river, where you can relax and swim for a while, and then we will go to Coba. Coba- is an another ancient city, lost in the jungle. Here is convenient to take a tricycle bike, driven by local. You will see the highest pyramid in the Yucatan, Nohoch Mul, where you can climb the stairs and to enjoy a spectacular view from the top. Also, you will see the watchtower, several fields for mayan ball game- pok ta pok- and several temples .