Temazcal Ceremony



Temazcal- a name that on an indian language "Nahuatl" means “house or temple of a steam” – is an ancient indian ritual of a mental purification and spiritual resurrection. Is based on an idea of entrance in an utero of a mother-earth and evolution in there for the following resurection. Meanwhile, the ritual is accompanied by spirits through shaman, who leads a ceremony (and translator, if necessary). Sometimes Temazcal erroneously called “Mexican sauna” or “Mexican bath ”. Yes, actually 52 red-hot volcanic stones are brought to a small enclosed indoor space (similar to sauna), But there the similarities end. The fascinating travel in the world of yourself is waiting for you, if you are ready. Antients used this rite to unite with nature and theirselves.

Ritual lasts approximately 4 hours, about one and a half hours you will spend in “a House of Steam”- Great Temazkal. After that you can fresh up , in a small but very beautiful senote-a natural "pound", with fresh underground water, also fruits and drinks for you will be offered.