• Your private guide in Mexico

    Your private guide in Mexico

  • Merida and colonial cities of Mexico

    Merida and colonial cities of Mexico

  • Rio Lagartos

    Rio Lagartos

  • Merida Paseo de Montejo

    Merida Paseo de Montejo

  • Pyramid Uxmal

    Pyramid Uxmal

  • Diving


  • Chichen Itza

    Chichen Itza

  • Senotы


  • Historical and archaeological sites MEXICO

    Historical and archaeological sites MEXICO

  • Pyramid complex of Uxmal

    Pyramid complex of Uxmal

  • Merida presidential palace

    Merida presidential palace

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My name is Yuri Shchepkin, I am a professional, licensed guide in Mexico and Latin America countries with experience since 2010 !. My specialization- is planing and execution of tours, travels and expeditions in Mexico and other countries, Tours in Cancun, Travel to USA and Latin America.

If you are planning to visit Mexico, task me for advices about , things to do in Cancun, Where to go and what to see in Mexico.

I can offer you private and group tours in Cancun, and travel to Mexico and other countries of America, both North and South.

Feel the spirit of adventure and prepare to the it: you will meet many interesting things!


Phone in Mexico, Quintana Roo. Cancun +52 1 998 1978695 (whatsapp, viber)


e-. mail: mexicolife@mail.ru


Fb: www.facebook.com/yuriy.shchepkin or a group in Fb www.facebook.com/Gidpomeksike


VK: vk.com/yurimexico or group VK vk.com/public56009365

Day tours in Mexico

Tours and expeditions in Mexico

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Ecuador, Colombia and the Galapagos

This amazing two-week trip to Colombia and Ecuador will remain in your heart for a lifetime., because we will travel with you through the most amazing and interesting places of these mysterious countries. We will travel in the "Road Trip" or "Road Trip" format, which means, that we will move in a comfortable car and…

Central America. The grand expedition from Mexico to Panama.

Central America. The grand expedition from Mexico to Panama. In this journey you, drive about 4000 kilometers will be introduced to all Spanish-speaking countries of Central America. travel format – natural History. You will see the ancient pyramids, modern and ancient Latin city, volcanoes and rivers, swim in waterfalls, lakes and hot springs. Throughout the…

Tourism and Travel in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mexico,