Tours from Mexico City to Cancun, by Acapulco and Sumidero Canyon!


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tour Length 9-12 days.

 Mexico city .
Arrival at the international airport of. Mexico city. where you meet your guide. Transfer and accommodation in hotel. Free time for rest. Depending on arrival time, city walk.

 Mexico city.

In the morning, after breakfast we drive about an hour to the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan archaeological complex. During 8 ages this place was religious, political and economic capital of Mesoamerica. City is crossed by the wide street-"Road of the deads", on the northern end is situated the "Pyramid of the Moon". and along of this misterious Road are located the ruins of ancient palaces , pyramids and temples, among which is the famous Quetzalcoatl Pyramid, Temple of Tlaloc and the Pyramid of the Sun (height 64,5 m), where the thousands of people used to gather for religious ceremonies. Modern scientists have not fully explored the pyramids construction technology yet. After exploring of the main attractions of the complex, climbing the pyramid of the sun. we return to Mexico City. Walking tour of the center of Mexico City. Mexico's capital - is a huge city of mixed emotions, bright colors and strong flavors. We visit the historic center - Zocalo, which is located next to the ancient ruins of Aztecs ritual center - Tenochtitlan. Before here was located the pyramid "Templo Mayor", and now is a museum and archaeological site. We visit the main Catholic Cathedral of Mexico . A visit to the Presidential Palace is possible due to it's open hours, where the famous murals of Mexican artist Diego Rivera are exhibited. We also visit the skyscraper "Torre Latina", from here, you can see Mexico City from the height of a bird flight and this is amazing!.

Mexico tripsMexico trips

Mexico-City - Taxco - AcapulcoAcapulco


In the morning we drive to Taxco - picturesque mountain town, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Before Taxco we drive 180 km of an excellent quality toll road , connecting Mexico City andAcapulco. In Taxco we find the old barocco style center, colorful local markets and shops. The main theme of the city - Silver, around the town there are many ancient mines dedicated to extraction of the precious metal. Local jewelers sell silver done by them!. After a walk by Taxco we drive 2.5 hours more to world famous Acapulco. Today we have a little walk by the malecon in the evening and then free time. Acapulco is great to see a Mexican nightlife!.

La_Quebrada _-_ Acapulco,_Mexico acapulco


Beach day.Acapulco. Just that day will visit the local attractions: Cliffs of La Quebrada, from whence ,fearless divers jumping from a cliff into the sea from a height sorokametrovoy; a small archaeological zone with pre-Columbian pyramids, great walking street Miguel Aleman…You will definitely like this day.

Acapulco -Puerto Rico Escondido.
Breakfast. Moving along a scenic mountain road in the small resort town "Puerto Rico Escondido». On the way you will see the stunning scenery, and native coastal hinterland.

the road fromAcapulco paxPuerto Rico Escondido– about 400 kilometers, so on the way we stop for lunch in one of the colorful local restaurants. Get ready to look in the window at the beauty of coastal landscapes and wild, almost uninhabited beaches. Upon arrival, we get you into a bright town, known to the whole world on his skating surf! In the evening there is also nice to take a walk, what we are going to do, to keep forces for tomorrow, because tomorrow we have the opportunity to try their hand at surfing!

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Rico Escondido- Tewantepek


In the morning, After breakfast we go to the local beach for surfers, where an experienced instructor "puts you on the wave."Puerto Rico Escondido, literally "Hidden Port" is known, It has excellent conditions for studying this kind of sport. After two or three hours lesson pair and a short rest, we are advancing in mesteyako called Masunte, a place, where he is going hippies, travelers and other extravagant youth. In the evening we occupied in the hotel in the g. Tewantepek.

Way ofPuerto Rico Escondido to Tehuantepec- nearly 300 kilometers.

Tehuantepec - Sumidero Canyon - San Cristobal de las Casassan Cristobalsumidero

Breakfast. Start the journey to Chiapas. The road from Tehuantepec to Sumidero Canyon- nearly 300 kilometers . On the way, we are laying 4 o'clock. We will go with youacross narrow isthmus width of about 150 km, connecting the two are so different in Mexico: central and southern. On the outskirts of the state capital of Chiapas, on the banks of the river Grijalva we rent motorboats, to ride on the famous Canyon Del Sumidero. Stunning views of the canyon, walls in some places on the rise 1000 meters, rocky geological formations. In the jungle, inhabited by jaguars, crocodiles, cougars, monkey. After visiting the canyon we will rise sharply in the mountains, literallyacross hour find ourselves in San Cristobal de las Casas - amazingly beautiful colonial town, located in the valley, surrounded by mountains and pine forests,. This is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Mexico. For those places characterized by a dry and cool climate. Evening - free time, which can be used to walk through the old city streets, where the air is saturated with rich aroma of local varieties of coffee, and visit the many shops with products made of jade and amber. San Cristobal de las Casas is especially beautiful at night.

 San Cristobal de las-Casas Misol-Ha - Palenke


Breakfast. Continuation of the journey and drive to Palenque. It is in this part of the country can be observed, how fast can vary the surrounding nature: from coniferous forests to the subtropical jungle. On the way - stop in the jungle and swimming in one of the many beautiful waterfalls, are famous vicinity Palenque. Hotel Accommodation in bungalows in the jungle. Be prepared to sleep under the trill of crickets, and in the morning to wake up from the roar of wild monkeys!

Palenque - Campeche

Breakfast. Excursion in an archaeological area Palenque, protected by UNESCO, where you can see the remains located in the picturesque hills of the beautiful Mayan city. Here are preserved buildings, It is a monument of the ancient Maya art: Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Cross, Temple inscriptions from the tomb of the great King Pakal, The palace and other buildings, which is surrounded by subtropical vegetation look particularly imposing.

The tour continues- on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Campeche. On the way to, for 300 km you can admire the stunning views and scenery. Arrival in the city of Campeche, which was founded in 1540 year. City several times was captured and held by pirates, therefore, it was built as a fortress. In the evening, stroll through the picturesque streets and inspection preserved fortifications, built to protect the city from pirates. There are many historical movies filmed. Hotel accommodation.


Campeche - Ušmalʹ - Merida

Breakfast. Departure to being in 100 km from Campeche Uxmal archaeological area - settlement Maya late Classical period and one of the most difficult samples and harmonious style architecture Puuc, still continues to amaze visitors with its beauty and eccentricity. Inspection of the world famous ruins of Uxmal. Next - hour drive from the state capital of Yucatan - Merida. The city was founded in 1542 year in the ruins of a great Mayan settlement. Today Merida- the largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula. Study tour: of particular interest to tourists are Independence Square and the monumental Paseo del Montejo, where the luxurious residence of a European-style, built in the late XIX beginning of XX centuries. Accommodation at the hotel free time to relax and walk around the city.

UxmalUxmal 2

  Merida - Chichen Itza - hay - Cancun

Mexico tripshay

Breakfast. Departure archaeological area Chichen Itza, a half-hour drive from Merida - the most important ceremonial center of the Mayan Indian culture, the Toltec, entered among the new wonders of the world. Here you will find the famous El Castillo, observatory, sacred Cenote (natural well, Indians served for ceremonies,), and the largest in Mesoamerica golf ball. After visiting Chichen Itza - swimming in one of the most beautiful karst lakes in the Yucatan. Arrival in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera. Completion of the program.