Yucatan 5 days 4 night. Maya yesterday and today.

Tour "Yucatan 5 Days 2018 "

Yucatan 5 days 4 night

The thread of the route: ITCA-SENOT Chichen-Izamal-Selestun-Ušmalʹ-Merida-Campeche-Edzna-Čikanna(or Beck)-Chetumal-Bacalar and its tributaries, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun

distance of about 1400 km Travel time: about 18 hours

Transport: Depending on the group and budget- by minibus to the luxury SUV

Brief description of sights:

Chichen-Itza: One of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. Here you will find the Great Pyramid of Kukulkan, temple of warriors, The biggest field for ball games, and more.

Senotы: Karst lake with fresh flowing water from underground rivers. Different scenic and refreshing water, where you can swim. I always try to find a beautiful cenotes, where the fewest people, for, to avoid the queues.

Izamal: The so-called "yellow city" with its old colonial streets and the second in Mexico the size of Atrium, in the city as there are several large "pyramids" of the Maya.

Селестун: A boat trip among the mangroves, where you can see crocodiles, birds as well as flamingo in natural habitat, in the Rose Lake

Merida: Yucatan state capital, the so-called "White City". City, built on the site of a major Maya city T Ho, where some of the buildings in the center are constructed from materials dismantled pyramids. It is known for its architecture, culture and flavor.

Uxmal: Mayan city university, with monumental buildings in the style Puuc. It is the beginning of the so-called "Road Puuc".

Campeche: The port city, emerged in place of the people of the capital And Kim furnace, known for, several times was captured and devastated by pirates, and therefore enclosed by high walls with outposts. The city center is recognized as heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Edzna: The monumental complex of one of the local Mayan peoplesITCA. high pyramids, growing out of the jungle, large areas and almost no visitors. One of those places maloturisticheskih, where you can still have time to visit before the influx of.

Chykanna (or Beck): The ruins of the Mayan cities in the Rio Bec style. The area as a whole was densely populated, but these small systems are distinguished by the easy availability and low attendance. Here you will see the reliefs pristine and in excellent condition.

Beck, a grand complex. Chikanov-a little more cozy town with more detailed reliefs.

Chetumal: chair Staten Quintana Roo. A small modern town, where we take a break, a walk along the promenade, Belize see on the other side.

cod: The so-called lake of seven colors, or rather seven shades of blue, where we take a boat trip and see the living stones

Inflows Bacalar is one of the most beautiful tributaries of the lake, where you can swim in the river and a quick soak in a hammock in an atmosphere of absolute beauty

Tulum: one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Yucatan, situated on a cliff above the Caribbean Sea.

Playa del Carmen: The fastest growing cities in Mexico, which has grown from a small fishing dereane on the beach- free tourism mecca in Mexico, known for its fashionable "Fifth Avenue".

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