Тур по центральной Америке: Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama



Day 1: Cancun - Altun-Ha- San Ignacio, Belize.
In the morning depart from Cancun, southward, to the border with Belize. Crossing the border with Belize. Visas are doing on the site. Ancient Maya city Altun Ha.
Nochevka in San Ignacio.

Day 2: San Ignacio, Belize
Early departure to San Ignacio. Next, the whole day will be devoted to exploring caves in San Ignacio Belize. The cave "Actun Tunichil Muknal" (ATM), Ancient skeletons have been found, pottery and stone tools of Maya. The most famous of the human remains have received an unusual name "Crystal Girl": is the skeleton of a teenage girl, perhaps, sacrificed, whose bones are eventually covered with layers of natural sparkling and looked at the opening (hence the name). In the main chamber found several skeletons. You can get to the cave, going to wade or swim across a large factory. There's a very cool. Overnight near San Ignacio in the house relaxing in the jungle.

Day 3: San Ignacio - Tikal - Flores
Early morning departure from San Ignacio and move to Guatemala. Border crossing. Transfer to Tikal. Tikal - this is the coolest ancient Mayan city. The total area of ​​the city - 60 km2. This is the most significant archaeological site of the ancient Mayan civilization. Here is the tallest pyramid in Central America and it will be possible to get. Here filmed Star Wars. In Tikal you can spend the rest of the day and watch the sunset. Overnight in Flores, which is located on an island in the middle of Lake Peten Itza.

Day 4: Flores - semuke-Čampej - Lankin
Early in the morning drive to Semuk-Champa - a national park in the mountains in Guatemala. Here cave, waterfalls, mountain river. Overnight at the eco-lodge in the town of Coban.

Day 5: Lankin- Antigua Guatemala
In Lankin you can go on a fast river on a bun, visit the cave, walk the streets of the bustling village . Next - Move to the ancient capital of Guatemala - Antigua - a very beautiful colonial city, surrounded on all sides by volcanoes. Here antique shops, church, old colonial-style homes, wine bars, coffee shop, Restaurants, and many other interesting things. Overnight in some old colonial hotel.

Day 6: Antigua - Vulcan Pakaya - Kharkov
Pacaya Volcano. You will be able to take the horses and climb to the top. Moving to El Salvador. We will pass along the Pacific coast of El Salvador, called Balsam Beach. In the evening, arrive at the coffee farm, where we will stay for the night.

Day 7: San Salvador - Copan
Morning coffee plantations inspection, tasting coffee and travel to San Salvador. 3-4 - Hour sightseeing. Prokatymsya centered, visit the city's main attractions and shops. Lunch and transfer to Copan in Honduras. This is a very pretty colonial town with neat hotel.

Day 8: Copan - Tehusyhalpa
Visit the ruins of an ancient Indian city of Copan. Moving to Tegucigalpa. Overnight in the capital of Honduras. Evening tour of the city.

Day 9: Tegucigalpa - hot springs in Nicaragua
If you find something interesting in Tegucigalpa, stay to see if there is, right after breakfast drive to Nicaragua. In the evening, come to the hot springs Hervideros de San Jacinto - Spa, curative mud, massage and other pleasures.

Day 10: Managua - San Juan del Sur
We're going to Managua. A short stop in the city and beyond - moving to the bay of San Juan del Sur. This is one of the most famous resort areas in Nicaragua. Rest on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Day 11: San Juan del Sur
To choose from - you can view properties (Here you can buy a house on the ocean for $120,000, beach, surfing or a trip to Lake Ometepe (etoluchshe all) - To the 2nd active volcanoes, Located on the island.

Day 12: San Juan del Sur - Arenal Volcano
Moving to Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano, Park Falls. Trekking to the top, Hot Springs, dirt, etc.. Accommodation at the hotel at the foot of the volcano.

Day 13: Arenal Volcano - Eco-Lodge in Costa Rica
Moving to Costa Rica for about 4 hours. Stop at the eco-lodge. Jungle, monkey, rafting, Butterfly Farm. Overnight in the jungle.

Day 14: Eco-Lodge in Costa Rica - Panama City
Moving to Panama City. Accommodation in a hotel downtown. Hurry to work by the beginning of the new week will be able to fly to Cancun 8 March.

Day 15: Panama-City
Day in Panama City. There is something to see: Museum of the Panama Canal, old colonial city, modern business part.

Day 16: Panama Canal
Transit of the Panama Canal. Transfer to Gamboa. The motor ship will take about half way between the two oceans through the two groups of gateways: Miraflores and Pedro Miguel. The difference in height of about 26 meters. The program of transit: Gatun Lake - one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, segment Gaillarde - the narrowest portion of the channel, bridge "Las Americas" and bridge "Centenario".

Day 17: Panama-City
Reserve day.

Day 18: Panama-City - Cancun
Flight to Eve or anyone where it is necessary.