tour of the Yucatan. 2 day

On this tour you will learn about the many attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula:

It is known in the world of Chichen Itza archaeological zone- pearl of Yucatan and one of the modern wonders of the world,swim in the beautiful cenote with crystal clear water,acquainted with the capital of Yucatan, Merida and its major attractions, evening walk along the streets of the city. The next day, you will see one of the most beautiful pyramidal complexes Yucatan - Uxmal, as well as visit the Museum of Cocoa, where you will see the process of manufacturing of cocoa, "and from".
Certainly during the trip, you swim in the beautiful cenote with clear and refreshing water, You can taste the local cuisine and experience the sensations, for which people go on a journey: see and experience a lot of new and interesting.

Tours can be scheduled to 2 or 3 day. The extra day can be selected, what to visit, but it is especially recommended to pay attention to water conservation area “Селестун”, where you can see near the flocks of flamingos and other waterbirds, crocodiles and other inhabitants of these places. Also of interest is the Museum of Maya, recently opened in the city of Merida. There is an extensive collection of the heritage of the great Mayan culture.