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Going on a tour of Mexico, we enjoy a drink of Aztec emperors from the 12th century- pulque!

Even before the discovery of America, Only emperors and their approximate, You could taste this intoxicating drink.
pulque fortress only about 2-3 degrees, but it is well intoxicate! According konsinstentsii it resembles jelly, taste – serum, but the Mexicans have learned to mask it by adding natural fruit, the most popular flavor Guayabo and mango. You can find it only in Mexico City and its surroundings, because it is not stored for more than 3 days.

surprisingly, then today this drink in Mexico and mainly used the lower strata of the population, You will not find it either in bars, any restaurants.

The only option is to find a local Pulkeriyu, in most cases this modest , but the peace of the premises for the local.

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