Ecuador, Colombia and the Galapagos

This amazing two-week trip to Colombia and Ecuador will remain in your heart for a lifetime., because we will travel with you through the most amazing and interesting places of these mysterious countries. We will travel in the "Road Trip" or "Road Trip" format, which means, that we will move in a comfortable car and often, depending on what is happening around or your wishes, we can turn off the planned path, to see something outside the program.

We shall see:

-Quito, the capital of Ecuador

-Colombian capital Bogota

-Take a ride on the Pan American Highway

-We will see the majestic Andes, volcanoes Kotopasi, Kilotoa, touch the water in the crater lagoon

-Swim in the hot springs of Riobampa, San Vicente, Santa Rosa

-Walk along the ancient Inca road

-We will see small and not so, but very remarkable and memorable South American towns

-Let's try the world famous jewelry made from Colombian emeralds

-Visit the Salt Cathedral in a deep salt mine

-If you're lucky, we will see the ritual of the "arrival of a new leader" on Lake Gatavita

-On the mountain road we will see the stunning beauty of mountain peaks and glaciers, whose height varies from 4750 pax 5325 meters!

-We will savor the best Colombian coffee in the best place for this- on the "Coffee Road", where we will also visit a coffee plantation

-We will visit the village of Armenia, Where did the Armenians move at different periods of time?

-We will see some of the tallest palms in the world with a height of 75 meters in the unique Kokora valley

-Let's walk through the most famous, thanks to Pablo Escobar to the Colombian city of Medellin.

-Rafting down the river in the vicinity of the former residence of Escobar, or visit his very residence.

If you have the time and opportunity, this trip can additionally include a trip to the Galapagos. This program is calculated separately based on the format, which do you prefer (yacht charter or day trips from hotel), but fits perfectly into this tour.