Mexico amazing and very diverse country.
This time you travel to Mexico from Mexico City to Cancun, we visited the wonderful mountain town of Orizaba (ORIZABA).

An interesting point , compared to the capital of the country and part of the Caribbean resort Riviera Maya, when you get to Orizaba, You feel a sense, as though he is flown to another country.
like for 10 days of travel to Mexico, You saw several Latin American countries)

Everything from climate, is perfectly.
The average temperature in Kolo 25 degrees of heat, but refreshing fresh cool breeze from the mountains.
Orizaba in contrast to such beautiful cities like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico City, Acapulco, Oaxaca, Orisaʙa – absolutely not a commercial city.
You do not have to pay 120 Dol visiting the zoo) animals here for everyone's delight settled right in the city center on one of the streets along the mountain river!
To climb on one of the famous mountains, which offers a great view and the museum is located at the top, You just need to use the funicular, or, better – walking tour , winding stairs, which are small rest areas so tired travelers.

Where you can test yourself, and make the ascent to the highest peak in Mexico – Mount Orizaba, higher than 5500 thousand meters.

Museum of legendary Mexican painter Diego Riviera – here too)

Elegant and nice gift for all travelers – fresh seafood, at absolutely low and ridiculous prices!

An ounce of oysters – 1.5 dollar) The secret lies in a good proximity to the port city of Veracruz.

so friends, if someone is strange reason I have not loved Mexico, Do not hide in hotels all inclusive!

Welcome to Travel to Mexico!

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